Italian, Egyptian, Taiwanese, Japanese webtoonists to attend Busan Webtoon Festival

 人参与 | 时间:2023-12-12 07:06:32

The seventh iteration of the Busan Webtoon Festival is set to kick off Thursday for a four-day run at KT&G Sangsang Madang Busan, with domestic and overseas webtoonists in attendance.

Under the theme of "Back to the Future," the BWF will present webtoons with plots that revolve around the main characters traveling through time to cities around the world.

Italian webtoonists Andera Mancini's "The Cities of Past" and Stefano Casini's "The New York's Future" and Egyptian webtoonists Mena Allah Ayman's "The Great Pyramids of Giza" and Desouky Sara Aymin's "Nashville City in Tennessee" will be on display throughout the festivities.

This year's BWF will also feature discussion sessions with Taiwanese and Japanese webtoonists.

On Saturday, Taiwanese webtoonists Ruan Guang Min and Chen Pei Hsiu will introduce their work and share their thoughts on the webtoon industry, while Japanese webtoonists Nonomori, Tobat Ko and Tomoto Tomo will meet with the audience on Sunday.

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